RidePrix Logistics, before offering non-asset-based logistics services, amassed many years’ worth of experience delivering high-quality call center solutions for businesses in various industries.

We are transferring our experience and expertise in that field to help offer a fuller and more comprehensive service to our logistics, transportation, and supply chain clients. With our call center solution, you get the benefit of having a seamless and fully integrated portal that allows you to stay connected to your customers.

Customer service call center

We will represent your business and provide the best outbound and inbound call center services in the industry that is reliable, efficient, and competitively priced. 

It’s very much the case with the majority of logistics call centers that they have to deal with clientele and customers directly, which is why customer service and experience are so crucial. Within the transportation and logistics industry, people rely on time-sensitive services. As you no doubt realize, that is why you need to make sure there are open lines of communication and user-friendly systems in place to keep your customers and clients completely satisfied, resolving issues as and when they arise quickly, and maintaining and improving your brand image

The demands of customers with regards to the service they receive are constantly changing and we are seeing more and more need for “almost instant” replies. People want things now, whether it’s resolutions to problems or tracking queries and that’s what we aim to help you provide through our call center solution. 

You don’t need to worry about training and hiring customer service staff or choosing the best platform to host it from, as we can provide all that. When it comes to tracking shipments, our agents can access the relevant shipping sites and portals that you use and liaise directly with your customers at either end of the supply chain, so you can concentrate on your business.

Wide Range of Logistics and Transportation Call Center Services

RidePrix Logistics can make life easier for your business and help you to maintain a strong level of engagement with your customers by providing a wide range of call center services, including some of the more general solutions such as.

  • Billing and Payments
  • Sales and Support
  • Warranty Support
  • Customer Care
  • Product Technical Services
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Comprehensive call center services for

the logistics and transportation industry

Freight Booking

Within the logistics industry, unpredictability can be a major factor affecting customer service. There are often fluctuations in operations, and it can be challenging to stay on top of these. With our booking services, we will handle everything concerning the movement of your cargo, for you.

Reverse Logistics

When there are problems with an order, either because the wrong product was sent out or it was faulty or damaged, it is in your best interest to have a robust and reliable reverse logistics system in place that enables your customers to send back products with little to no hassle. Generous returns policies help to make the whole customer experience more enjoyable.


We can help to bridge the existing gap between vendors and customers to make sure the customer experience is a pleasant one from start to finish. With our ticketing services, you can both manage and view customer tickets in one place and assign specific tickets to team members based on complexity and priority.

Fleet Tracking

The latest available fleet management technology and platforms make it easier than ever before to improve driver ROI, performance, and safety. However, due to the huge amounts of data generated by these systems, in-vehicle telematics, vehicle-connected devices, and more, there is almost too much data, and it is often mismanaged. That’s where our fleet tracking services can help. We can provide more organized and pertinent data to help your fleet drivers and managers make better decisions.

Freight Tracking

At RidePrix Logistics, we have a team of experienced and passionate agents that are available 24/7 for all shippers. We can represent our customers throughout the shipment process and meet their demands for reliable and quick delivery. We can track all freights and make sure project overheads, shipping routes, receipts, and audits are properly managed.

Claims Handling

Our call center solution is designed to offer reliable and effective end-to-end claims handling that makes the processing of claims as seamless and easy as possible. We will handle all kinds of transportation-related queries on your behalf and make sure instances of damages, accidents, and false claims are at least kept to a minimum, if not completely eliminated.


Returns Enquiry and Tracking Services
Loyalty Rewards Program Support Services
Market Rate Quoting Services
Order Management Support Services
Help Desk Services
Inquiry Services
Automated Dispatch Notifications Services
B2B Sales Services
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