We have built a sterling reputation for ourselves here at RidePrix Logistics within the transportation and logistics industry because we only partner with carriers we trust to deliver reliable solutions that achieve the best results for our customers. For your business to work with us as a carrier, you need to meet the following strict, but fair requirements:

  • Financial Stability evidence
  • DOT Safety Rating of satisfactory or none
  • Compliant Operating Authorities (intrastate and interstate)
  • Worker’s Compensation (In line with federal and state laws)

N.B. we are not currently accepting applications from carriers who have broker-only authority to work with us.

Compliance regulations policies

Coverage Expectations

At RidePrix Logistics we expect the carriers who work with us to invest in suitable liability and insurance coverage to not only protect themselves but our customers and their precious shipments too. Below we have highlighted the minimum coverage levels we require all our carriers.

Before you decide whether you are going to register to become an authorized carrier for RidePrix Logistics you must make sure you meet these requirements and have the relevant coverage in place.

  • General Liability – $1,000,000
  • Cargo Insurance and Liability – $100,000
  • Automobile Insurance and Liability – $1,000,000

Regulatory Requirements

At RidePrix Logistics we expect all of our carriers to fully meet and follow the Food Safety Terms. These are requirements that have been laid out in line with the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) rules and regulations.

Please take a close look at those Food Safety Terms before applying to work with us to ensure you meet the requirements. Will not accept applications and registrations from companies that don’t.

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