The retail industry has evolved so much over the last couple of decades and now consumers expect the same kind of ease purchasing products and items from online stores as they do from brick-and-mortar businesses. They expect orders to be delivered quickly with full visibility from start to finish.

Thanks to the rise of omnichannel retail, the conventional brick-and-mortar shopping model have become multifaceted and multi-platform with constant challenges.

The ripple effect this has had on the whole retail supply chain means that shippers require a bigger network of smaller and more localized distribution centers and quicker LTL shipments.


Take Advantage of Our Retail Logistics Experience

At RidePrix Logistics, we can provide the end-to-end logistics and supply chain support you need.

As a non-asset-based logistics provider, we can take care of everything from securing the best deals with the best shippers to providing live tracking and continuous all center support.

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