At RidePrix Logistics we have an experienced team of professionals who have expertise in LTL logistics and can offer bespoke solutions. With these, you can handle various shipment sizes from pallets down to packages.

We will assess your current freight flows and develop a routing guide that will fit with your lanes. To make sure there is a smooth transition to our LTL services, we will coordinate everything. 

Transportation logistics

Our Less Than Truckload Capabilities

Thanks to our business connections in the haulage industry, we have access to contracts with national, regional, and local LTL carriers. For temperature-sensitive perishable cargo, we also have strong partnerships with carriers who have access to refrigerated units.

We believe we offer the best value for money when you want fully coordinated door-to-door less than truckload transport anywhere in North America, even cross-border. When you invest in the non-asset-based logistics service, we offer to meet your LTL needs, you will get the benefit of time-sensitive and expedited deliveries.

You will also benefit from our live tracking and tracing, so you always know exactly where your shipment is.

Benefits from LTL Transportation We Can Arrange

Due to our long-lasting and strong business ties with LTL carriers, we offer you simplicity and ease that is more like a single-source transportation provider. By enlisting our help, you will not only save money, but resources, time, and stress. We will take care of everything including carrier bidding, negotiations, and implementation. 

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