At RidePrix Logistics, we know only too well how difficult it can be for businesses of any size within the logistics industry to stay on top of the growing and evolving challenges facing them. Increasing client demands, more and more complicated business models, and changing expectations of customers make it incredibly hard to streamline logistics operations management. 

If you are looking to counter the rising operational costs and fuel prices, you may be looking to align your logistics service provider with an organization like RidePrix Logistics that can offer you access to more automated processes, while bridging weaker links in your business processes. 

Support Services and Technology Solutions Under One Roof

One of the many things that really sets RidePrix Logistics apart from our competitors is the fact that rather than just offering the normal transportation support services, we go one step further. We have worked hard to develop and streamline all of the important services our customers need under one roof, so they do not have to deal with multiple contact points. 

When you work with RidePrix Logistics, we understand the different supply chain process priorities and objectives you have, thanks to our experience working with a variety of different industry verticals. In addition to the logistics support we offer with regards to organizing transportation, we have can provide effective and efficient business process management services to enhance your supply chain.

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Areas We Cover

With our BPM Logistics services, we aim to address a wide variety of the challenges that are common to the transportation and logistics industry, including:

  • Tracking asset maintenance and management
  • Activity-based billing
  • DSO management
  • Information security management
  • Successful technology adoption
  • Service delivery cost reductions where possible
  • Multi-site, multi-company operations consolidation to help streamline everything
  • Global visibility for our customers
  • Simultaneous support for the different business processes related to different industry verticals
  • Resource development and training

Benefits of Investing in Our Logistics BPM Services

Whatever industry you operate in, you can benefit by receiving support from our BPM services in the following crucial ways.

Greater time, effort and cost-efficiency

We can eliminate operational processes that are redundant and unnecessary and cut the time spent, energy used and costs by reducing non-core activity efforts.

Streamlined and Harmonized Processes

When you align with RidePrix Logistics and benefit from our Logistics BPM the different service offerings you provide your clients can be streamlined and harmonized better.

Global Scalability and Reach

We can support you by helping you achieve the level of growth and expansion you want to achieve on a global scale

Enhanced and More Efficient Customer Service Experience

By streamlining all the different services you require and taking care of everything related to your logistics needs, we can provide your customers with seamless and efficient customer service. They will benefit from greater ease of access, a selection of different touchpoints, and more predictable and quantifiable service quality.

Contact RidePrix Logistics Today

If you want to discover how you can benefit fully by investing in our complete Logistics BPM services, contact our team today. We can discuss your needs, challenges, the service providers you already use and can identify ways our services can improve your operations within the logistics and transportation industry.

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