We realize, at RidePrix Logistics, that not all companies or customers have the exact same needs when it comes to non-asset-based logistics services. Depending on your geographical location, the industry you work in, or the type, size, and weight of the cargo you need to be transported, you may need more specialized haulage services.

As we have been operating in the haulage and logistics sector for many years now and have developed strong working relationships with a wide and varied network of carriers, we can meet even your most unique and special transportation needs. You can benefit from high-quality ice road trucking, hazmat trucking, tanker haulage, oversized cargo transportation, and high-end luxury vehicle delivery options, as outlined below. 

Winter freight transportation by truck

Ice Road Trucking

As part of the comprehensive range of specialized services we offer here at RidePrix Logistics, we can help arrange ice road trucking when necessary. So, if you live on one of the many islands or the hard-to-reach and remote parts of North America like Alaska for instance, we can provide logistics services to help ensure the ice road trucks can reach you.

As well as ensuring your cargo, whatever it is, gets there on time and safely, we also want to offer the best rates.

Our team has extensive experience working within this specialist area of non-asset-based logistics and we take full advantage of our time spent and reliable network of ice road trucking partners.


At RidePrix Logistics, we are fully certified to offer non-asset-based hazmat logistics services. We can arrange for the delivery of hazardous cargo whether it’s to local, regional, national, or even transcontinental areas.

By offering full assurance through using trusted hazmat carriers, and offering live tracking, we want to become your go-to hazardous shipment service provider. 

All of our logistics planning for hazmat shipment follows the most current governmental regulations and we take important steps as a precaution to ensure your hazmat cargo has a safe journey. We pride ourselves on our ability to offer you the best prices without sacrificing quality customer service from start to finish.  

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WE have access to a large number of tankers, also known as tanker trucks, fuel trucks, gas trucks, and tank trucks. If you need to transport large quantities of gases or liquids by road safely, we can help with handling all the logistics related to arranging for tankers to take your specialist cargo from one destination to another.

While the largest normally weigh around 44-tonnes, when at full capacity, medium tankers can carry approximately 5,500 gallons, whereas the smaller ones can still carry an impressive 3,000 gallons.

At RidePrix Logistics thanks to our experience, our skilled professionals, and an extensive network consisting of reputable carriers, we will be able to find the most suitable tankers for the cargo you need to transport.


When the cargo you want to transport is larger than normal, we can provide you with oversized load logistics services. At RidePrix Logistics, we can do it all, taking care of all the important details from start to finish. We will find the best-oversized load trucks, secure the necessary permits, and arrange for there to be escort vehicles if required. 

We can organize the transportation of overweight and oversized loads to and from anywhere in the US and Canada. With full tracking and regular contact from our team, you will never be in the dark about where your precious cargo is on its journey.

Container terminal wharf transport
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Luxury Vehicle

If you operate in the luxury vehicle market, you will likely need reliable and safe transportation services.

We can offer full and engaged support in this regard. Thanks to our extensive experience in luxury and high-end transportation and our expansive network of carriers, we can meet the needs of you and your customers.

Whether you are looking for a full location to location, door to door, transportation support and logistics, or need a specific part of the delivery journey covered, we can help. We will ensure the luxury cargo is transported safely and securely within a strict timeframe.

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