As one of the leading non-assets-based logistics services providers, RIDEPRIX Logistics has access to a wide network of active carriers who can offer the truckload transportation you need. Our highly trained and passionate team of experts has comprehensive experience handling peak and seasonal needs. Choosing us as your third-party logistics partner means you can take advantage of competitive prices, greater capacity transportation modes, and first-class customer service where your satisfaction is our main priority. 

Truckload Options

Whatever type of cargo you are looking to transport from one location to another, we can help pair your shipment with the right carrier and truckload option.

From dry vans and flatbeds to reefers, step decks, straight trucks, and more, we pride ourselves in offering an extensive range of vehicles. 

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Straight Trucks

Straight trucks are haulage vehicles on which all the axles are attached to the same single frame, compared to an articulated vehicle that has two or even more frames.

Dry vans

Our dry vans are fully-equipped semi-trailers that can transport cargo while protecting it from the elements.

These vehicles are designed with carrying dry materials that do not require a temperature-controlled environment and are loose, boxed, or palletized. 


Also known as refrigerated containers, reefers are designed as intermodal containers for transporting temperature-sensitive cargo.

This includes meat, vegetables, fruits, and other similar perishable goods. 


Unlike reefers and dry vans, flatbed trucks are designed to transport oversized cargo and that does not need a temperature-controlled environment or protection against the elements. 

Step Deck 

Also referred to as lowboy trailers and drop deck trailers, step deck trailers are trailers designed to transport truckload cargo that is more than the legal heigh when placed on a flatbed trailer. 


Gooseneck trailers get their name from their hitch, which stands out due to its long and arched neck section right at the front.

As they are heavier, wider, and longer than standard bumper-pull trailers, they can carry a cargo of heavier weights without there being a compromise in their stability. 

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Curtain side or Conestoga trailers benefit from a sliding tarp setup that provides cover to cargo from the elements without causing any damage and offers easy access when opened. 

Hot Shot

Hot Shot trucks and trailers are used for the haulage of smaller and more time-sensitive loads that need to reach a specific destination in a quicker timeframe.


The expedited truckload service is designed to transport cargo at quicker than normal times.

This is possible because the trucks rarely stop until they reach their final destination. 

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